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About Ener-C

Ener-C is a company committed to the natural products industry. Ener-C was built to address a couple basic human truths; we are all thirsty creatures, and we can all do with more energy. 

Our team is made up of people who care about the environment, their community and their health, and it is our mission to accomplish the following:

  1. Create a brand that becomes part of your daily life.
  2. Build products that are healthy, socially responsible, and truly great.
  3. Have fun working and building together.
  4. Have an adventure, life is short after all.
  5. Be Better and Live Better.

Why Ener-C

We want our customers to remain healthy by providing an abundance of all natural electrolytes and vitamins to supplement the body’s daily needs.

Our products are all made with the highest quality ingredients, and contain no artificial flavours, colours or added preservatives. The great flavours and colours you get when drinking Ener-C come from real fruit juice powders. We are a healthy, low sugar alternative for sport drinks, energy drinks and other caffeinated beverages. All products are non-gmo, gluten-free, vegan and caffeine-free.